Wrap Rewards Clarification

Hey there - I am just looking for some clarification on the protocol since I cannot seem to find this one way or another on the current doc.

The week after I wrapped some UNI, I received a small amount of every wrapped coin into my wallet. Cool :slight_smile: However, I have not received any more tokens since that week.

My question is: Are the weekly distribution of wraps predicated on actual USE of the protocol? In other words, do I need to wrap something each week in order to be able to be eligible for those rewards?

I have been able to collect WRAP protocol tokens, but I haven’t ever received any further wOTHER tokens.

Hi @richleaf
In the first few weeks of launching Wrap Protocol, all Wrap users received a fraction of the fees generated by the protocol, which was distributed as wTokens. You probably received some of those wTokens.
Earlier in June, we launched the farming dApp, and since then, users have to actively farm the wTokens that they would like to receive by staking their $WRAP tokens.

To keep on receiving wTokens, you’ll need to stake $WRAPs to farm them on using the farming dApp.

You can read more about farming wTokens here:

I hope this helps.