Wrap ERC20 pending

I have initiated a Wrap ERC20 transaction, but the gas fees are incredibly high and the transaction is still pending. I’d like to avoid adding more gas to the transaction and just wait. However, I refreshed the Wrap website and it’s taken me back to the part where I need to click the wrap button (the Allow transaction was successful). If I click Wrap, it tries to initiate a new transaction. My question is, assuming the first pending Wrap ERC20 transaction goes through, will the Wrap website take me to the appropriate next step (I think I remember this being the “Mint” step on the Tezos side, from the first time I wrapped)? How do I get to the next step in the process if a step was delayed by many hours?

Hi @Killaen
I’m not quite sure I understand the question correctly but it sounds like you are trying to find a pending mint transaction.
There is a small icon on the wrap page, (looks like an incomplete cycle with a clock face) just beside the wallets on the top right hand of the page. Clicking on that icon should display any pending transaction and you can continue from there.

Let me know if this helps or if you are asking about something else entirely.


Thanks for the reply. Basically I wanted to know, if you closed the Wrap window on your browser (or refreshed the page) and the Wrap ERC20 transaction wasn’t yet complete, where would you find the next step. So I think icon and the pending mint transaction will be what I’m looking for.

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I have the same problem. It looks like the wrap used gas of 0 gwei in Metamask. I tried speeding this up twice, final cost was like $1.10, and it’s been 7 hours total. Finally I tried to cancel for what looked like a very high gwei but was shown as $0.11 in Metamask. When I go to the clock icon, it shows no minting as pending. Now I will try again, but I had to reset Metamask to get rid of the pending transaction. Any tips before I try this again?

I got this done. The Eth gas was not set correctly in Metamask in my previous attempt. This time I was charged a normal amount.

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