Wrap Applied, Tokens Minted, nothing in Tez Wallet

Hi There,

I just completed a wrap with some UNI, when the process compled, i saw the minting calls in my wallet’s ledger but my wallet does not hold any wUNI or any WRAP.

I know temple can be a bit funky. What is the address and token id of the wUNI and I will see if I can locate it.


Hello @Manitcor,

You can use https://tzkt.io to see your account balances. Search for your address and click on the “TOKENS” tab.

Example with my address: tz1NRbpm..BFgmxz on tzkt.io

I am a tacowars veteran and have about 5000 tokens in that wallet. If I can get the token address I can pull it up via taquito.

EDIT: I see, its on your account thx.

About contract addresses:

Wrapped Tokens Contract: KT18fp5rcTW7mbWDmzFwjLDUhs5MeJmagDSZ

If you want to get the correct token id for your wrapped asset, you can find an exhaustive list here: Better Call Dev — Tezos smart contract explorer by Baking Bad

WRAP Governance Token: KT1LRboPna9yQY9BrjtQYDS1DVxhKESK4VVd, token id 0

Got it, temple was being incredibly slow. Thank you.

So to confirm, $WRAP will be distributed to us weekly with the first distribution on May 3rd correct?

Not exactly. As stated in this launch post:

Wrap opens at 2pm UTC on April 26th, 2021. Usage statistics (and $WRAP attribution calculation) will start at this time, not before. $WRAP tokens will be distributed 4 weeks later.

It means that the WRAP distribution will start in 4 weeks, given activity of the first week. One week later, distribution will be done given activity of the second week, etc…