Unwrap pending due to insufficient ETH

Hi, I tried to unwrap some wLINK, which minted OK but then failed to release as the gas fee was over $100. I have the pending release stopwatch notification on the Wrap protocol page.

Surely I can unwrap for less gas than this?

Any help gratefully received.

Hey Splatt! Did you ever figure this out?

Hi Alex, I did. I decided to bite the bullet and pay the damn gas fee. So I transferred some ETH over to Metamask and waited until the gas was down to $70. I processed the transaction and the actual gas fee turned out to be $20. Not sure if it was down to my Metamask settings, still a bit of a newb with Metamask, all my defi activities are on Tez!

That’s good to hear! I’m not sure how it overestimated so high, I always use “low priority” to pay the least amount in gas as well.