Request: Wrapped Defi Pulse Index (wDPI)


Holding Tezos since genesis and excited to participate more in projects like WRAP. I’ve already provided WRAP/XTZ liquidity and also been farming for a month. My plan is to be patient while WRAP is being distributed… :slight_smile:

What I’d like to ask is about new wTokens and how we can request new ones to be added.

Specifically, I no longer buy individual ETH defi projects individually; instead I buy DPI as a proxy. It’s underlying tokens are adjusted every month. You can read about the index here: TokenSets - Asset Management Simplified
Major holdings within this index include UNI, AAVE, Maker, Sushi, Compound, etc., some of which are already wTokens on tezos.

Unfortunately, and I know this isn’t news, but buying DPI on defi exchanges and AMMs is extremely expensive on the ETH network. I can see a lot of efficiencies by making a wDPI token on Tezos. Wrapping/unwrapping an index token like this would be cheaper, as well as claiming one token in a farm (rather than 15, which is how many defi protocols are composed within DPI).

Thanks for hearing me out and good luck!