READ ME: How to create a Proposal Discussion

The purpose of the Proposal Discussion is to formalize the discussion around a Heat Check that was previously supported. Make sure a corresponding Tezos Homebase proposal is made when posting a Proposal Discussion.

To create a Proposal Discussion you can:

  1. Ensure you have a corresponding Heat Check along with a supported proposal on Tezos Homebase that was passed previously.
  2. Use feedback and comments from the Heat Check post to provide an exact solution and build support for the proposal by sharing your viewpoint without unnecessary bias. Please make sure this post is precise in its intentions and community members understand the nature of the proposal.
  3. Create a new topic in the Proposal Discussion category on along with a corresponding Tezos Homebase post. On Tezos Homebase, set key as [Your Title Here] and value as the link to the Discourse discussion.

Generally, posts should be titled: Proposal Discussion - [Your Title Here].

  1. Link your corresponding Tezos Homebase Proposal for the Proposal Discussion, as well as the Proposal Discussion’s pre-requisite Heat Check and its proposal on Tezos Homebase. Proposal Discussion Topics failing to prove these elements will have to be removed by Discourse moderators.

That’s it! As before:

A majority of votes on Homebase supporting the proposal and a Quorum threshold will mean the proposal can be brought to the next stage.

Any other outcome, such as a majority of opposing votes or failure to meet Quorum Threshold will result in the topic being closed.

If the Proposal Discussion’s corresponding post passes on Tezos Homebase, the Wrap Board will evaluate the technical feasibility of the proposal and determine its implementation!