READ ME : How to create a Heat Check

A Heat Check is the first step of the proposal process and is used to determine if the community is interested in changing the protocol through your proposal.

To create a Heat Check you can:

  1. Use to inform the community about your proposal.

Generally, posts should be titled: Heat Check - [Your Title Here]

  1. Describe your idea to the community simply with enough detail to provide a thorough explanation of your proposal.
  2. If technical implementation is required, specify if you are able to provide technical implementation for the solution yourself.
  3. Link a corresponding Tezos Homebase proposal to the Discourse post. On Tezos Homebase, set key as [Your Title Here] and value as the link to the Discourse discussion.

The Discourse Post must include a link to a corresponding Tezos Homebase post where community members will vote using their tokens to support or oppose the proposal.

After the voting period on Tezos Homebase is complete, one of two outcomes may play out.

  1. A majority of votes on Homebase support the proposal and the Quorum threshold is met, meaning the proposal can be brought to the next stage.
  2. Any other outcome, such as a majority of opposing votes or failure to meet Quorum Threshold will result in the topic being closed.

If the first outcome plays out, formalize the discussion around a Proposal Discussion post!