Mint abortion howto?

I decided to not mint what has been deposited into the Ethereum smart contract of Bender. I would like to have the deposit back. How to proceed please?

Used the link interface for this… Many thanks!

Hello @ParamaShiva,

You can’t abort a pending wrap, you need to mint it on tezos and unwrap your tokens after.

Where to get Tezos for that? Thanks!

Dear Charles,

I have now deposited 4.47 XTZ into the wallet and it is showing up fine. Yet, the mint action is failing with “node” not accepting it error. What is this? Please clarify. Thanks!

Can you share me a link to your operation? No worries, the destination cannot be altered, so it’s safe to share it.

Is this the one?

Yes, thank you.

It seems I’m able to validated it with Temple Wallet without any issue. Which Tezos Wallet are you using?

Temple wallet is what I am using as well.

Hmmm, that’s strange. It could be a temporary issue with the Tezos network when you tried to validate it.

I just succeeded in validating your mint transaction by using Temple wallet, you should have received your tokens.

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Yes, got it. Many thanks Charles! You are a star!