Introduce Wrap Protocol to AVAX for additional cross chain bridge

I would like to see a bridge between the Avalanche network and Tezos. Both have growing DeFi communities, and the ability to easily transact between Tezos and Avalanche would introduce a lot of new investors to cross pollinate these DeFi communities. Ethereum currently has very high fees and many traders have already migrated away from Ethereum, so it would be very useful to have a bridge between tezos and a network with high latency and low fees.

I recommend USDC because it is already wrapped on Tezos from Ethereum and has reasonably high liquidity. If possible, this could be delivered in a manner that allows for a token to be introduced to Tezos that is both on AVAX and ETH, with a single token on Tezos. If this is not possible we can introduce another token like wAVAX, but it would be interesting to explore this possibility.

Liquidity on AVAX:

Liquidity on Plenty:

Avalanche has very rapid finality (typically 1 second), a large market cap (over 20 billion) and a growing DeFi community. I think this is a natural choice. It is also an EVM blockchain so there will be minimal need for changes to the existing Wrap Protocol codebase. I would like to get buy in from the community and team to make this happen, because I think this will be a feature that will have a huge benefit to the Tezos community.