Heat Check - New Token Listing: DSU

This proposal aims to add DSU as a bridgeable/wrappable asset on the WRAP Protocol bridge.

DSU is a fully collateralized stablecoin with fast scalability, censorship resistance, and trust minimized attributes. DSU is minted 1:1 against stablecoin deposits in the protocol. The stablecoin collateral is then deposited by the protocol in widely used money markets - creating a “usage layer” between the collateral and the stablecoin making all Digital Standard Units truly fungible.

In the event that the token holder would like to redeem their DSU at any point, they could do so through the same mechanism - retrieving the underlying asset(s) from the reserve and burning the DSU token in the process

DSU is a risk minimised alternative to the plethora of existing stablecoins. While most are centralised or rely on complex systems to maintain peg: DSU’s dependency minimised, fully backed design presents a lower risk avenue for users to risk-off in stable assets. With that in mind, DSU is currently being integrated across DeFi platforms and on various L2 solutions.

You can find documentation around DSU and the V2 of Empty Set as a whole in the documentation . To check out the codebase go here.