CEL Farm not rewarding

The WRAP Farm ( Wrap Protocol - bridge between Ethereum and Tezos ) is not working:

  • Always showing 0 wCEL pending reward

  • Even if a user Claim (imagine “0 wCEL” being just a UI problem) no wCEL is sent to him

I think no one has ever been rewarded of any wCEL since the release of the Farm.

Can you give more details on this?

Hello @ffuffa

The dashboard of the wCEL farm like other farms on the Wrap Protocol shows:
*Your current staked tokens - this is the number of $WRAPs you have staked to the farm

  • Current available rewards - this is the number of wCELs collected as fees and available for distribution based on the wrapping/unwrapping activity for the wCEL token
  • Your pending reward - this is your potential share of the wCELs distribution based on how many $WRAPs you have staked to the wCEL farm.

Current available rewards can show 0; if there hasn’t been any wrapping and unwrapping activity at the time you checked the farm. You can check again at a later time to see if this changes.

Your pending reward can also show 0, if the case above is true, if the rewards distribution hasn’t been calculated, or if the distributions accruable to the wallet do not yet round up to a significant decimal point.

You can visit the stats dashboard at https://info.tzwrap.com and click on the “Generated Fees” tab to see the historical and current amount of wCEL fees on the Wrap Protocol.

I hope this provides some more clarity.

Hey there,

Indeed you’re right, they were an issue with three of our farms. Here is our official statement :

:warning: As you have noticed, a few staking contracts are having some trouble to compute properly rewards per user. The reason is quite simple : on staking contracts where the reward is low,

(in absolute value), or the token precision is not very high (like 10⁴), dividing this small number by the a huge number (total wrap staked) yield a 0 reward (amount < token precision)

That’s actually an issue with many staking contracts out there, we should have seen it coming.

The impacted contracts are wWBTC, wCEL, WRAP

What we plan to do :

  • We have paused this contracts, so users won’t be able to earn fees during the next period, starting in a few hours, and cannot claim the dust they may have earned

  • Users will still be able to unstake their WRAP, we’ll deploy this feature in the next minutes

  • wWBTC, WRAP, wCEL rewards from the first farming week will be calculated programmatically and distributed manually by us in the next few days, given on-chain activity, so users will earn what they should have earn with the contracts.

  • We have to come with a work around for this issue. Once we have solution, we will deploy new staking contracts


Yesterday, we completed the manual distribution wCEL, wWBTC and WRAP farming rewards for week #1.

Details of the manual distribution is available here:

and here

New farming periods on these three tokens (wCEL, wWBTC, WRAP) will start when new contracts deployed. We are still in the validation stage of the new contracts and we hope to be able to deploy them before end of week.

Thank you.