15k $WRAP BOUNTY - Autostaking Feature

Bounty reward - 15k $WRAP for the community member(s) who code an autostaking feature.
If multiple solutions are created, we’ll share the 15k WRAP bounty between everyone.

If you’re interested, signal it with your GitHub account and contact info (email, Telegram and/or Discord info) and we’ll make sure to help.

Deliverable: Pull Request on the GitHub.

Must be integrated on our Fee Farming app.



From Community:

It’s possible to manage all staking operations (stake, unstake, claim) in a batch.

While it is very useful, if your strategy is to swap your rewards against WRAP to then stake even more, it is a lengthy and boring process:

  • Claim all of your rewards
  • Go to QuipuSwap
  • Swap every single wToken against WRAP
  • Go back to farming dApp, and stake all


Apply the steps above directly from the staking dApp.

QuipuSwap is providing a JS SDK to use all its features from another dApp. (GitHub - madfish-solutions/quipuswap-sdk: 🔭 QuipuSwap SDK for JavaScript.)

Since you cannot know in advance what your reward amount will be, it seems difficult to apply all these steps in a single operation, and it’s probable anyway that it will reach the operation size limit.

A possible, better approach is to manage a workflow with several network interactions:

  • Use the claim all feature
  • Refresh wTokens balances
  • Swap every wTokens for WRAP (user must choose slippage tolerance)
  • Refresh WRAP balance
  • Use the stake all feature

Every step requiring an operation should be first manually confirmed by the user.

While this process can take up to several minutes, it’s still an enhancement over the manual one.

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Hello, a developer here!

Since last week I am working in my spare time, in a somehow similar solution to manage my plenty and crunch farming, so I think the overall workflow and concepts are overlapping nicely with the problem and solution stated here.

I am using taquito and just started playing with quipuswap-sdk aswell.

Still no public code tho, but I am interested into focusing towards trying to solve the Wrap autostaking dapp.

BTW, You mention it is about an “autostaking contract”, but my current efforts were only considering a kind of “dapp module” to just interact with the existing contracts. Could you explain more if there is a contract writing requirement?

My discord: ot#6426 (I tried to join discord channel but the invite seems expired)
My github: ottodevs (Otto G) · GitHub

Hello @ottodevs

The solution will be more of a module/feature to interact with the existing contracts. There isn’t a requirement for contract writing.

I have now update the description to reflect that its an “Autostaking Feature” NOT an “Autostaking Contract” as previously written.

Also, you can join the Wrap Discord Server using this new invite link: Bender Labs

Thanks for your kind answer @Innovictor

I’ve made some progress with the UI, but I am right now wondering how to advance with the rewards swap once claimed, because the florence version of tzwrap seems to have 0 APR right now for all wToken farms.

Should I deploy a local tezos blockchain and the wrap contracts to have more control over these moving parts?

Hello @ottodevs,

Glad to see you made some progress!

It’s not useful.

About our florencenet deployment:

  • Farming programs are available for our 4 test tokens: UNI/DAI/FAU/WRAP
  • Farming programs are automatically restarted (every 10 minutes) if the current program is ended and some fees are available to distribute. When a program is in “awaiting new rewards period” state, it means that no fees are available to start a new period.
  • You can generate new protocol fees by wrapping or unwrapping test tokens. UNI, DAI and WRAP test tokens can be bought on uniswap.org with a wallet connected to rinkeby network. Please tell me if you need some ethereum rinkeby token, I can send some. FAU test token is mintable here.
  • APY and APR displayed on fee farming pages came from our statistics api. As we don’t index statistics on florencenet, you see 0%.
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Thank you for the detailed explanations, that makes everything smoother to build on.

I will try to make some progress today and check-in with any updates ASAP.


Hey otto! How has it been going so far? :slight_smile: